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What’s the hippest place in the Caribbean? Right now, it’s hard to argue with Tulum, the bohemian beach town on the Caribbean coast of Mexico. It’s chic, it’s cool and it’s got a remarkable supply of real estate. So if you’re thinking of fulfilling your Caribbean beach fantasy, Tulum is a very good bet.

Why should I move to Tulum?

Tulum offers a relaxed, more balanced, stress-free lifestyle with great weather year round. It has become a major draw for retirees, expats and those looking for a second home in a laid-back, tropical place that also offers great return on investment. Some of the major draws of Tulum are:

  • Tulum is a calm town, great for your peace of mind. Major activities include going to the beach, shopping at fresh food markets, water sports, swimming in cenotes…
  • At this time, the Internet is great, so you can easily work online or keep in touch with people back home.
  • Very affordable services, such as maid or gardener, save you lots of time that you can use for beach or other activities.
  • Tulum offers a wonderful opportunity to invest in real estate, therefore it’s a great idea to buy or build your own house instead of renting one, because real estate values continue to rise, with this being a boom period.

Tulum living as an expat

The sublime natural beauty of the Tulum beaches, the surrounding ruins and jungle cenotes are a postcard of a tropical paradise. Add in the Maya culture, food, live music scene, plenty of interesting international locals, coupled with spiritual and natural adventures waiting to be discovered-you start to get an idea of what living in Tulum has to offer.

Tulum has also become a mecca for yoga, exclusive business retreats, food and art festivals. It has also become a destination of choice with digital nomads looking for an office with a view. Tulum has made broadband internet access a priority. There are several major internet service providers in the area in and around town and the beach hotel zone.

The Tulum beach road and hotel zone south of the famous ruins overlooking the Caribbean, is a social media and hospitality phenomenon. The beaches of Tulum, the Mayan ruins, cenotes and the bohemian vibes make it one of a kind in Mexico and the world.

The magnetic vibe of this magical place, as it is so often described, can be a little intoxicating and addictive. People tend to come back for more “Tulum time” with a compulsion to return. And it’s part of the reason this sleepy and magnetic Caribbean fishing village is waking up as a fast growing Mexican Caribbean community.

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